Employment contracts Ireland

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Employment contracts Ireland

Get your free employment contract in Ireland through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in Ireland include?

An employment contract in Ireland should entail the following information:

  • Identifying details and contact information of both the employer and employee.
  • Employee’s position and duties.
  • Specific working hours and days.
  • Agreed salary, extra perks, and bonuses.
  • Termination conditions with notice periods for both parties.
  • Mutual agreements on non-disclosure and confidentiality.

The employer and employee must carefully review the employment agreement’s terms before signing it.

What types of employment contracts exist in Ireland?

There are various categories into which employment contracts in Ireland can be classified.

1. Employee contracts

The employee contracts in Ireland are divided into two groups of contracts:

  • Indefinite contracts: These contracts have no fixed end date and provide ongoing job security to the employee. The employment relationship continues indefinitely until either the employer or the employee terminates it with appropriate notice.
  • Fixed-Term contracts: Fixed-term contracts are for a specific duration or until the completion of a particular project. These contracts automatically terminate at the end of the agreed-upon period without needing notice unless otherwise specified in the contract.

2. Agency contracts

An agency contract, also known as an agency worker contract, is a type of employment arrangement where an individual is employed by an agency and then assigned to work for various clients or companies based on their specific needs. The agency acts as an intermediary between the worker and the client company. Agency contracts are commonly used in industries with fluctuating labor demands or short-term projects.

3. Part-time contracts

Part-time contracts are employment agreements in which employees work fewer hours than those considered full-time by the employer. These contracts are common when employers need employees to work on a reduced schedule, either for specific roles or to accommodate employees’ preferences for a work-life balance.

How to hire employees in Ireland? 

Usually, when recruiting workers in Ireland, it is essential to establish a legal presence in the country. This process entails registering your company with Ireland’s authorities and obtaining a business registration number. Additionally, compliance with local laws and regulations in Ireland is necessary to ensure adherence.

Nevertheless, by utilizing Native Teams’ employer of record services, you can focus on the daily operations of your business while we take care of the remaining aspects. We provide extensive support and guidance on legal hiring in Ireland and numerous other countries across the globe.

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