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Hong Kong PEO Services

Native Teams is your one-stop shop if you want to hire new employees in Hong Kong. Our PEO solutions will streamline your hiring process and eliminate the need to set up a legal entity in the country.

PEO services</h2> PEO services</h2>

Why use PEO services in Hong Kong?

Native Teams PEO Hong Kong services will ensure that your newly hired employees in Hong Kong are employed in alignment with the local labour laws. Moreover, you’ll be able to skip the time-consuming and costly process of establishing a legal entity in Hong Kong.

How do PEO services in Hong Kong work?

When hiring new employees in Hong Kong, the employment responsibilities will be divided between the PEO (Native Teams) and you, the organisation.

Native Teams will handle all the administrative tasks, like payroll processing and HR administration, while you remain in full control over your employees’ daily work. All you have to do is write a check to cover the expenses, and we’ll handle the rest.

How PEO Works

Features of Native Teams Hong Kong PEO services

Ensure compliance and efficiency when hiring across international borders.

Contracts & documents

We take the most time-consuming tasks off your plate. We will provide you with the necessary documentation tailored to your needs:

  • Employment contracts
  • M1/M2 document
  • Declaration of harassment
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HR administration

Keep up with your employees’ paychecks, absences, and bonuses all within a single platform. Thanks to Native Teams' intuitive interface, you can access all of this data with a single click.

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Payroll calculator

Calculate the correct salary amount for your employees in Hong Kong. Our calculators are available in over 65+ countries, so you can easily compare employees' costs across different locations.

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client invoicing

Global payroll services

Add your team member to your payroll in a few seconds and pay them in their local currency. With our compliant payroll services, your employees will be paid on time and receive all the necessary benefits.

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How PEO Works

Why choose Native Teams as your Hong Kong PEO?

Native Teams is a global platform with legal entities spanning 65+ countries. Our PEO services offload the administrative tasks that take up a lot of time and ensure full compliance with local labour laws. We have a team of experts who will offer you guidance and support when navigating the hiring process abroad.

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