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Accept Payments Online

Native Teams provides one of the easiest ways to receive online payments from your clients and employers. With our payment solutions, you can forget all about delayed payments and unnecessary transfer fees.

PEO Services
PEO Services

How to accept payments online with Native Teams?

When you send invoices or payment requests to your clients or employers, they will be obliged to pay them until the due date. After they send the payment, it will be instantly added to your Native Teams virtual wallet. You will then be able to transfer the funds directly to your bank account or use directly on your Native Teams card, pay online or withdraw from any ATM worldwide.


Native Teams payment features

Client invoicing

The easiest way to invoice your local and international clients. Our easy-to-use invoice system makes it easy to receive payments for your projects, even if you don’t have your own company.


Payment requests

Request instant or scheduled payments from your clients or employers and receive the money directly to your Native Teams virtual wallet.

Native Teams wallet

All of your money transactions in one place. Check out your total balance, add funds, send money and withdraw directly to your bank account. Multi-currency supported.

virtual wallet
native card native card

Native Teams card

The international Native Teams ATM card is linked directly to your Native Teams wallet for online payments and ATM withdrawals. See real-time transaction history in your account.

Who can use Native Teams to accept payments online?

With Native Teams everyone who has an account can accept payments online from anywhere.

Benefits of using Native Teams services for online payments

The benefits of using the Native Teams online payments:

  • Receive payments from your employers and clients
  • Pay or get paid internationally
  • Safe & fast money transfers
  • Reliable and easy-to use platform
  • Low fees for payments
  • Native Teams card card to pay online or withdraw money anywhere
  • Wallet statements
  • Categorisation of expenses

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the fees to accept payments online?

The fees depend on the bank you’re using to send payments to. Online card payment fees are fixed - 2.5% for the payer.

How long does it take to get paid?

You should receive your payments by the due date, which you can set yourself on the invoice or on the payment request. Because you will receive your payment through a legal entity of Native Teams, your clients and employers will be legally obliged to pay you.

How to withdraw my cash?

To withdraw your money, you can add the bank account you would like the funds to be sent to use directly on your Native Teams card or withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide.

In which currencies can I get paid?

We currently have 6 different currencies available in our virtual wallet - EUR, USD, RSD, GBP, HRK, TRY and PLN. If there is a currency that you would like to be added, you can request that directly in your virtual wallet.

How secure is my Native Teams wallet?

We use the leading security system and compliance to make sure your private data and privacy are fully protected. Native Teams is entirely GDPR-compliant. Learn more about this here.