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Native Teams Partners Up with RemoteBase to Offer Additional Benefits

Native Teams Partners Up with RemoteBase to Offer Additional Benefits

Building success in the modern tech world means being in constant search for opportunities to offer innovation that will benefit both professionals and businesses. In such dynamic circumstances, many tech companies build partnerships to provide unique solutions with enhanced value for everyone working in this landscape. 

Partnerships being mentioned, Native Teams partners up with Remotebase to provide an ultimately complete suite of solutions for top-tier tech companies in the global remote work world. 


Native Teams and RemoteBase partnership

Native Teams is proud to announce a partnership with Remotebase, a tech company that connects the best developer talent with global businesses. With this partnership, the tech sector can benefit from solutions that will redefine how companies approach talent acquisition and all the related procedures and enhance overall team productivity and efficiency.

The partnership between Native Teams and Remotebase will potentially streamline global tech companies’ talent acquisition process, starting from finding the right global talent to hiring and onboarding them without the need for complex administration and compliance. 

With a strategic approach that solves two of the major issues in the global hiring world, tech companies are empowered to focus on their core business operations while benefiting from innovation, collaboration, and enhanced productivity in major HR procedures. 

What is RemoteBase?

Remotebase is a global tech company focused on transforming tech hiring processes. By finding, vetting, and training remote tech talent from all across the world, Remotebase helps global companies hire the perfect developer teams in only 24 hours. 

Remotebase’s vision is to bridge the gap between tech talent demand and the available talent resources on the market. From the very beginning of the acquisition process, Remotebase is committed to matching customers with the right developer talent, which turns the tedious hiring process into a more simplified and streamlined one. 

How RemoteBase help companies hire developer talent?

By using Remotebase’s streamlined solution, global tech companies can hire from the top 1% of the remote development talent for a wide range of tech products and solutions. With a commitment to ensure the right fit for each company’s needs, Remotebase ensures:

  • An extensive pool of remote software developers who have the knowledge and expertise to understand and create the perfect product for your company. 
  • A fine-tuned range of skills to generate high-quality output that meets the particular needs of your product. 
  • A proven success of distributed teams that seamlessly integrate with a variety of technologies. 
  • Regular training and performance overviews to ensure that your product meets the highest quality standards.
  • Easy onboarding and payment procedures that ensure optimal speed, scalability, and efficiency for your company. 

Except for matching you with the right talent from the wide pool of expert developers, Remotebase will also provide an easy and hassle-free hiring process that won’t take longer than 24 hours. By using their solutions, global companies can rest assured that they’re accelerating their projects and reaching their goals with the help of the best tech experts in the industry. 

What is Native Teams?

Native Teams is recognised as the ultimate all-in-one platform offering simplified payments, employment, and tax optimisation solutions for individuals and businesses in the global remote work world. 

Native Teams’ solutions are designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, providing the necessary tools and features to expand your work on a global scale. With the help of Native Teams’, remote tech companies can hire and onboard employees in 65+ countries without dealing with any administrative and compliance worries.

How Native Teams help companies and remote workers?

Native Teams are providing a centralised suite of tools and features that simplifies complex admin procedures and helps businesses and remote workers stay compliant in the global world of work. With Native Teams’ solutions, global businesses and remote workers can:

  • Provide and secure legal employment through Native Teams’ legal entities in 65+ countries. This includes mandatory benefits such as healthcare, insurance, and pension, as well as compliant employment contracts, customised per the employees’ local labour laws. 
  • Simplify global payments with a centralised suite of tools and features. Easily make payment requests, invoice global clients without a legal entity, manage your earnings and employee salaries or contractor payments in local currencies, and so much more – everything from a single platform. 
  • Stay on the right side of the law with the guidance of our local tax teams. Access tax reporting, tax allowances, and tax optimisation tools to save more of your hard earned money and ensure compliance with local tax laws. 
  • Get and provide global mobility assistance, helping you and your global teams acquire visas and work permits to relocate with ease and embrace the world as your workplace. 

Native Teams empowers remote workers and their employers to expand their business operations on a global scale, without going through the hassles of opening legal entities or carrying administrative and compliance burdens. By utilising Native Teams’ solutions, you can focus only on what matters most while we do everything else in the background. 

Wrapping up

The strategic partnership between Native Teams and Remotebase aims to revolutionize the challenges of tech talent acquisition in remote work. The combination of Remotebase’s expertise in finding, vetting, and training top talent and Native Teams’ complete suite of global work solutions aims to empower companies in the tech sector to thrive in the global remote work world. 

Native Teams’ and Remotebase’s mutual effort will lay the foundation for more streamlined hiring processes by simplifying acquisition, administration, and compliance and putting greater focus on flexibility, productivity, and innovation.

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Native Teams is a leading global platform that specialises in providing streamlined work payments, employment, tax management and mobility solutions for freelancers, remote workers, and their employers.

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