Employment contracts Colombia

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Employment contracts Colombia

Get your free employment contract in Colombia through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in Colombia include?

An employment contract in Colombia should encompass the following information:

  • The names and contact information of the employer and employee
  • The job title and responsibilities of the employee
  • Designated working hours and days
  • The mutually agreed-upon salary, extra benefits, and incentives
  • Provisions for ending the contract, including notice periods for both sides
  • Mutual commitments regarding non-disclosure and keeping information confidential

Both the employer and the employee need to thoroughly examine the contract terms prior to signing it.

What types of employment contracts exist in Colombia?

There are various categories into which employment contracts in Colombia can be classified.

1. Employee contract

The employee contract can be divided into two categories of contracts:

  • Indefinite-term contract (Contrato a Término Indefinido): This is a standard employment contract with no fixed end date. It continues until either the employer or the employee decides to terminate it following legal procedures.
  • Fixed-term contract (Contrato a Término Fijo): This contract is used for a specific project or a temporary position with a defined start and end date. Once the contract term expires, the employment relationship ends unless it’s renewed or extended. The duration of the fixed-term contract cannot exceed more than 3 years. 

2. Apprenticeship contract (Contrato de Aprendizaje)

This contract is designed for individuals who are undergoing vocational training. It’s a combination of work and education, where the apprentice gains practical experience while learning a trade or profession.

3. Specific task contract (Contrato por Obra o Labor Determinada)

A Specific Task Contract in Colombia is a type of employment contract that is used for hiring an employee for a specific project, task, or labour that has a clearly defined scope and duration. It’s a fixed-term contract that is designed to end once the specified work is completed or the predetermined labour is performed.

How to hire employees in Colombia? 

When hiring staff in Colombia, it’s vital to set up a legitimate business presence in the country. This involves completing the necessary registration with Colombian authorities and acquiring an official business identification number. Adhering to local laws and regulations in Colombia is also of utmost importance to guarantee that you’re fully aligned with legal requirements.

However, by leveraging the employer of record solutions offered by Native Teams, you can concentrate on your company’s day-to-day operations while we manage the remaining aspects. Our services offer comprehensive support for lawful recruitment in Colombia and various other countries worldwide.

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