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Native Teams Helps


Our mission

Native Teams makes a charitable donation on behalf of each paying user that is a part of our platform.

Even if it’s modest it can help to make a noticeable difference. We do this because our communities matter to us and the contribution we make. The goal is to bring our business to a level where our members can see and believe that we can make a positive change.

If you know any charities or organizations which are in need of help and where we can make a contribution, please let us know.


List of supported charities by country

Bitola animal sanctuary

The Animal Rescue & Care Association ( A.R.C) has been taking care of stray cats and dogs in the area of Bitola, North Macedonia.

A.R.C is a non-governmental association and it is mainly operated by highly motivated volunteers, people who love animals and are ready to spend their time to make a difference in a place where the community and institutions aren’t very interested in helping.

Their mission is demanding and it consists of raising awareness in the local area for the importance of every single animal life, creating human treatment for them, and giving proper care until adoption. Responsible ownership as well as equal treatment for stray animals and breed is another mission critical that the people from the association are aiming to achieve.

The vision is “home for any stray animal” and they speak the language of those who can’t speak but must be heard.

National SOS line for victims of domestic violence

In the course of more than 25 years, the SOS line has worked with hundreds of volunteers to help thousands of women and children that were in critical or violent situations.

The SOS line operates with a team of skilled operators-volunteers whose main objective is to recognise and raise awareness of any kind of violence against women and children and to find ways to overcome it.

The vision of the National SOS line is effective management of the problem of domestic violence, respect for women’s rights and gender equality in society. The mission is to provide security and support for victims, provision for individual and institutional solutions on the issue of violence against women and encourage wider women’s networks to help end violence against women.

The SOS line also runs a shelter for victims of domestic violence when they need a place to turn to.