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Native Work Line The Ultimate Platform for Business Efficiency and Compliance

Empower your business with Native Work, the all-in-one solution for global work management and compliance. From streamlining workflow management to navigating complex regulatory requirements, Native Work empowers your business with the tools and resources needed for success. Take control of your operations and drive growth with Native Work.

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Who are you?

Our solution is tailored for businesses and their globally distributed workforce! With Native Work, you can easily navigate the complexities of managing a diverse team across different locations, ensuring compliance and efficiency.



For employers using our EOR services, Native Work offers tailored solutions to simplify workforce management. From providing customisable contracts to tools to streamline team management, our platform empowers employers to easily navigate the complexities of managing a diverse workforce. Whether expanding your team or engaging with contractors, Native Work provides the tools and support you need to achieve your business goals.


Clients, whether individuals or businesses, who work with contractors can also benefit from Native Work. Our platform enhances collaboration between clients and contractors, offering additional features such as customisable contracts, team member management, absence management, and more. Clients can efficiently engage with contractors, ensuring project success while maintaining compliance and achieving business objectives.

Your complete work package Line


Local employment

Employ individuals within the local jurisdiction, ensuring compliance with regional labour laws and regulations.


Contracts for contractors

Manage contracts with contractors efficiently, leveraging additional features tailored to the unique needs of independent contractors.


Customised contracts

Tailor employment contracts according to specific business needs and legal requirements as our EOR user, ensuring clarity and protection for both parties involved.


Managing teams

Easily organise and manage your workforce within the platform for streamlined collaboration for you as our EOR user and your team members.


Absence management

Streamline absence tracking and management processes, allowing for efficient handling of leave requests and ensuring smooth workflow continuity.


Expense management

Simplify expense tracking and reimbursement processes, enabling employees to submit expenses easily and ensuring accurate financial reporting.


Tax allowances

Leverage tax allowances and incentives provided by local regulations to optimise tax efficiency for your business and employees.



Access and store essential documents securely, facilitating easy retrieval and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.



As an employer, you can easily access a centralised repository of information and resources, empowering your team with the knowledge they need to succeed.


Payroll calculators

Facilitate payroll processing with user-friendly calculators, ensuring accurate and timely payments while minimising errors.



Use our EWA feature and provide your employees with access to their earned wages before the regular payday, promoting financial stability and flexibility.


EOR and contractors' benefits

Offer comprehensive benefits packages to both EOR employees and contractors, enhancing their job satisfaction and overall well-being.


Contractors' contracts and additional features

Easily manage contracts with contractors and unlock additional features tailored to meet your project needs. 


Team members

Easily manage your team members within the Native Work platform; our intuitive interface makes it simple to keep your team organised and productive.


Contractor benefits

Offer additional benefits and incentives designed specifically for contractors to enhance their work experience and satisfaction.


Absence management

Our platform provides tools to ensure coverage and maintain workflow efficiency, whether it's sick leave, vacation time, or other absences.

What's in it for you?

Explore a world of benefits tailored just for you


Health and wellness

Secure access to comprehensive healthcare coverage prioritises the well-being of you and your international team. Our commitment is to ensure your workforce remains healthy and motivated.


Ensuring compliance with employment law

Let us handle the complexities of local labour laws, tax requirements, and regulations, ensuring that your business remains fully compliant with local laws and regulations.


Reduced administrative burden

Eliminate the need to establish a legal entity in specific countries and reduce administrative burdens; enabling you to focus on expanding your business globally.


Global expansion

Our platform is designed to support you in managing your international team, providing the tools and resources needed for smooth collaboration across borders.

Benefits Line of using Native Work

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Leave administration and tedious paperwork to us while you only stay focused on your work.

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Save time
and money

Simplify your work operations, say bye to time-consuming tasks, and save more of your hard-earned money.

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Flexibility and

Enjoy the flexibility of our comprehensive work and compliance solution, tailored to suit your unique business needs.

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Let our tax and legal experts guide you through complex laws and regulations so you can always stay on top of your compliance.

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