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Compliance, Security and Data Protection

There is a significant responsibility that comes alongside employment and payments, which we take very seriously. We fully understand the importance of protecting your private data, that’s why we have the leading security system and compliance at Native Teams.

Data protection

Become empowered. stay protected.

Our team has a deep background in wider internet security, stemming from protecting digital files worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which can be threatened by hackers.

Today, we are showing dedication and expertise in protecting data and financial information that belong to our users, in order for them to trust our platform.

Stay protected

Security steps we take

Proper Employment

Data encryption

We encrypt all sensitive data on our servers so that only authorized persons can access information and nobody else can bypass it.


Data storage

Our platform runs on Amazon Web Services, the leading 'cloud computing' infrastructure. AWS invests hundreds of millions of dollars on best-practice security tools.


Daily backups

Our infrastructure and applications are monitored and back upped daily. We also ship applicational logs off-site, where we keep for up to 30 days.

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Human error avoidance (AKA 'idiot proofing')

A large amount of security breaches are in fact the result of accidental overshare. With this in mind we regularly review our UX.

Covered Taxes

Third-party testing

From a security perspective, we have high confidence in our ability to get things right, but it doesn’t hurt to check! We regularly do third-party testing.


Restricted access

Internally, we restrict access to user data to a handful of core, vetted and long-standing team members. Access is granted as the exception, rather than the rule.

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We use KYC check to identify and verify the client's identity when opening an account and periodically over time. We ensure that the information provided is deemed to be confidential and will be protected as required by the applicable laws as well as data protection regulations and standards. We also have Anti-Money Laundering policies and procedures in place in order to ensure full compliance with global AML standards and regulations.

Proper Employment


With our Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) we ensure that it is indeed you who tries to login and authorize payments when banking online. It is designed to help safeguard your financial information and increase the security of online banking.

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Two Factor authentication

We require all user accounts to use two factor authentication which is confirming a login via a communication channel such as email or SMS message.

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All network communication is encrypted, ensuring secure and protected online communication. Our network traffic runs over SSL/HTTPS.

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