Employment contracts Belgium

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Employment contracts Belgium

Get your free employment contract in Belgium through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in Belgium include?

The following are the essential elements of every employment contract in Belgium:

  • Personal information for the employer and the employee, such as names, contact details, and addresses.
  • A detailed description of the rights and responsibilities of the job position.
  • Pay schedules, salaries/wages and benefits entitled to the employee.
  • Working hours and times when the employee should be available to work.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses to safeguard employers’ proprietary information.
  • Policies and procedures for termination of employment. 

It’s worth noting that the employer and the employee should gain a comprehensive understanding of each clause of the agreement before signing it.

What types of employment contracts exist in Belgium?

Employment contracts in Belgium can be classified into a few categories:

1. Employee contracts

There are two types of employee contracts in Belgium:

  • Permanent contracts – Permanent, or commonly referred to as open-ended contracts, are used to regulate long-term employment. As they have no fixed end date, permanent job contracts provide job security and can be terminated by following the applicable notice period clauses defined within the contract.
  • Fixed-term contracts – Under this type of agreement, the employment continues until the predetermined end date within the contract. Such contracts are commonly used to hire employees on a temporary basis or for the purpose of specific tasks and projects. 

2. Contracts for specific assignments

Specific assignment contracts also regulate temporary employment relationships. In contrast to fixed-term contracts, specific assignment contracts don’t define fixed start and end dates but the specific project and scope of work. Such agreements are commonly used for seasonal work in agriculture, tourism, hospitality, and other sectors.

3. Freelance contracts

Freelance or self-employment contracts are commonly used when individuals provide services to clients on a contract basis and independently from any organization. Since these individuals are not employed in specific organizations, freelance agreements cover clauses such as the scope of responsibilities, rights, and payments, excluding tax submission and other benefits.

How to hire employees in Belgium? 

To hire in Belgium, employers must establish a legal entity, obtain a tax number, open a local bank account, and operate according to regulations set by local authorities. Companies must also abide by local employment laws regarding minimum wages, working hours, benefits, and other legal requirements. 

To avoid complex law compliance systems, businesses can utilize international recruitment companies like Native Teams. Through our Employer of Record solutions, we can handle your global payroll, tax submission, HR administration, and other paperwork while you’re focusing on your business’s success.

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