Employment contracts Kyrgyzstan

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Employment contracts Kyrgyzstan

Get your free employment contract in Kyrgyzstan through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in Kyrgyzstan include?

The following are the most critical elements of compliant employment contracts in Kyrgyzstan:

  • Names, addresses, contact details, and other personal information for the employer and the employee.
  • Job position and detailed descriptions of duties, responsibilities, and rights.
  • Payschedule, salaries, and benefits entitlements. 
  • Days and hours of the week when the employee is expected to work.
  • Termination of employment policies, notice periods, and severance pays if applicable.
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality policies to protect the employer’s interests.

It’s important to note that both parties must read, understand, and agree to the terms of the employment contract before signing it. 

What types of employment contracts exist in Kyrgyzstan?

Employment contracts in Kyrgyzstan can be divided into a few major categories:

1. Employee contracts

There are two types of employee contracts in Kyrgyzstan:

  • Indefinite-term employment contracts: Indefinite or permanent employment contracts do not define an end date of the employment relationship. Therefore, they are used to regulate long-term employment and offer job security and stability. Indefinite-term employment contracts can be terminated by one of the parties following the notice period specified within the agreement and employment laws in the country.
  • Fixed-term employment contracts: As their name implies, fixed-term employment contracts specify the start and end dates of effectiveness. Therefore, they are used to regulate temporary employment and can be automatically terminated upon expiration or renewed with an agreement between the parties.

2. Service contracts

Service contracts in Kyrgyzstan regulate employment relationships between independent contractors or service providers and companies or individuals. Under these agreements, the service provider is obligated to perform specific tasks or services while the client agrees to pay a fee. Service agreements should outline key terms such as scope of work, deliverables, duration, and payment terms. 

3. Remote employment contracts

Per Kyrgyzstan’s labor codes, remote work contracts are used to address the terms and conditions of working outside of traditional work settings. The agreement should define the most important terms of the arrangement, including payments, working days, office attendance requirements, work equipment policies, data security, confidentiality, and termination policies.

In order to be compliant with Kyrgyzstan’s labor laws, employers need to adhere to minimum wage, working hours, benefits, and other crucial regulations and requirements. Before hiring, employers must also have an established legal entity, tax identification number, and local bank accounts. 

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