Employment contracts Kosovo*

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Employment contracts Kosovo*

Get your free employment contract in Kosovo* through Native Teams

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What should an employment contract in Kosovo* include?

An employment contract in Kosovo* should include the following information:

  • The names and contact information of both the employer and the employee.
  • The role and duties assigned to the employee.
  • Designated working schedule and days for the employee.
  • Agreed-upon compensation, including any extra benefits or bonuses.
  • Conditions for ending the employment, including the notice period expected from either side.
  • Stipulations about maintaining confidentiality with mutual consensus.

It is crucial for both the employer and employee to carefully review the terms of the employment agreement before providing their signatures.

What types of employment contracts exist in Kosovo*?

Employment contracts in Kosovo* can be divided into several categories:

1. Employee contract

This is the most common type of employment contract in Kosovo*. It’s divided into two groups of contracts:

  • Indefinite-term Employment Contract: This is a standard open-ended employment contract where there is no fixed end date. It continues until either party decides to terminate it according to the terms and conditions.
  • Fixed-term Employment Contract: This type of contract is for a specific period of time or until a particular project is completed. Once the agreed-upon duration ends or the project is finished, the contract terminates. If the fixed-term contract is renewed for more than 10 years, it shall be considered an indefinite-term employment contract. 

2. Employment contracts for specific tasks and duties

An employment contract for specific tasks cannot extend beyond 120 days in a single year. If the contract surpasses this 120-day limit, it is considered a fixed-term arrangement. The responsibilities and rights of the employee within such a task-specific contract are the same as those in other employment agreements, with the exception that the employee is not eligible for annual leave.

3. Temporary contract

A temporary employment contract is an arrangement between an employer and an employee for a predetermined period of time. This type of contract is often used to fulfill specific short-term needs of the employer, such as seasonal work, special projects, or temporary staff shortages.

How to hire employees in Kosovo*? 

To engage workers in Kosovo*, it is typically essential to possess an officially registered business entity. It’s also important to adhere to local employment laws and regulations. 

An alternative method is to engage the services of a worldwide provider of recruitment solutions. Native Teams offers an Employer of Record solution which efficiently manages diverse responsibilities, including payroll management, human resource functions, and tax arrangement. We are dedicated to offering assistance to overcome the challenges of hiring internationally.

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