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Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Are you a freelancer, remote worker or employer who wants the official employment status for you or your employees?
With our EOR services, you can easily enter new global markets or work for different clients without opening a new business entity. We provide full legal and admin support so you can focus on your work.

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What is an employer of record (EOR)?

An employer of record (EOR) is a global employment services provider that helps people legally work in other countries.

An EOR normally handles employee payroll, taxes and benefits, all with local compliance.


How EOR works for employers?

You don’t need a legal entity to grow your business and hire new employees from abroad which can often be expensive and time-consuming. With our legal partners, we can help you stay compliant with the latest GDPR and privacy laws around the world.

  • We take on all employment liability
  • Prepare the legal contracts through our legal partners.
  • Take care of the HR admin stuff for you
  • You get to run a global payroll through us
  • Your employees get regular salaries and benefits

How EOR works for freelancers?

If you’re working as a freelancer or working remotely for a company abroad, you can get an official employment status wherever you live. We will act as your employer of record, which means that you will receive all your payments or salaries through Native Teams and have your taxes and social costs paid.

  • Employed status sorted
  • Compliant contracts and documents
  • Administration taken care for you
  • Salary on your bank account in local currency
  • Employment benefits as a local employee

Features of Native Teams EOR services

All the features you or your company needs to sort out your employment needs and payments.

Local employment

Sort out your employment status, no matter where you live and work compliantly. If you’re an employer, you can easily hire, onboard and pay your employees globally.

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local employment
contracts and documents

Compliant contracts & documents

One of the perks you’ll get with Native Teams is our fast automated onboarding. We provide you with the right documents, localized and customized per your requirements.

  • Employment contracts
  • M1/M2 document
  • Declaration of harassment

Learn more about compliance

Payroll calculator

Calculate your salary and contributions easily with our localized and up-to-date salary calculators. Available for 70+ countries!

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client invoicing

Global payroll services

Everything you need to pay and get paid flexibly or as a local, on one single platform. Send invites in bulk and manage your employees’ payroll across multiple countries with just a few clicks. We process taxes, social and other contributions while being fully compliant.

Run global payroll

Hire internationally with Native Teams' EOR services

Native Teams' EOR service allows businesses to hire and manage international employees compliantly and cost-effectively. With Native Teams, businesses can skip the legal and administrative complexities of employing staff in foreign countries and focus on their core operations. With our assistance, businesses can expand their global workforce quickly and easily, ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations.

Benefits of EOR services

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Proper employment

Using Native Teams, your new employee will be properly employed by the latest country’s regulations and requirements, as a local employee.

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Taxes covered

When you hire through our employer of record services, we will make sure all your employees’ taxes and any other fees are paid to the local government.

peo services

Healthcare, insurance and pension

Employees want to belong to an organization that cares. We will make sure their healthcare, insurance, pension and other mandatory fees are covered.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between PEO and EOR?

An employer of record (EOR) is able to hire employees in other countries on your behalf, while a professional employer organization (PEO) cannot always do that.

If you want to hire a new employee from abroad, but you don’t have a legal entity there, you’ll need to use an EOR service.

If you need help with HR, admin, payroll and such in a country where you already have a business entity, then you’ll need a PEO.

Simply put, a PEO offers the same services as EOR but does not provide legal employment for employees in other countries.

Is EOR legal?

Yes, it is legal for a company to hire employees from abroad using an EOR service like Native Teams.

Nevertheless, some providers might be better than others, so always make sure that the EOR provider has its own entity wherever you want to hire from and has all the needed knowledge about compliance, taxes, payroll, benefits, etc.

Native Teams has legal entities in 70+ different countries around the world. Moreover, we also have local teams in each of our countries, so we can offer ground support for you and your team. Learn more about our countries here.

How do I choose an EOR service provider?

Make sure that the PEO service provider listens to your needs and can help you with the processes you need help with. We also recommend you to check if they have their own business entities in the country where you need help. Otherwise, you might end up working with a 3rd party provider, which means that you won’t have so much control over quality.

Native Teams provides PEO services for 70+ countries around the world. Check out where we’re active and how we can help your business!

Don’t have legal entity in the country of employment?

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