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Company as a Service

Do your business without owning a company. With the Native Teams company as a service, you can easily hire people, pay your employees or invoice your clients. Supported in 55+ countries around the globe.


What is company as a service?

Company as a service (CAAS) is a service that allows you to do business without owning a company. You can hire new employees, pay their salaries, cover their benefits and do all the things you would normally do if you would have your own company.
If you’re working as a freelancer, you can invoice your clients or customers like a corporation. This way, businesses that work with freelancers are able to deduct the payment from their taxes or show it as an expense.

How does a company as a service work?

With company as a service, you can use another company (like Native Teams) to run your business without owning a company in another country. You do not have to open up your own company, spend time, energy and money with opening up new entities either locally or internationally. You can do all these business activities with the help of another company, which is convenient and fast.

Features of Native Teams company as a service

Native Teams gives you all the features you need to do business without owning a company.

Invoicing tool

Invoicing tool

Invoice your local and international clients from anywhere in the world without your own company. The Native Teams fully-featured invoicing system allows you to generate a custom invoice and send it to your clients at any time.

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Virtual wallet

Top up, withdraw, send payment requests or send money to someone else. The Native Teams virtual wallet is where you can have an overview of all your payments and transactions in multiple currencies.

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Native Teams card

Get your own personal Native Teams card and access your money anytime and anywhere. Transfer your funds to your local bank, spend online or withdraw internationally.
Lowest fees guaranteed.

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Local employment

Through our employer of record services, you can hire new employees or become properly employed, with covered taxes, and benefits.

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Benefits of using company as a service

Use the knowledge of our local experts and do your business without a worry.

  • Local and international invoicing
  • Payslips
  • Payroll
  • Local documents
  • Secure document storage
  • Expenses management
  • International payments