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Optimise your time and find the perfect talent

Native Recruit star - Your Partner for Guaranteed Hiring Success

Streamline your recruitment operations and let us deliver a handpicked selection of top candidates matched to your unique job requirements. Our global team of experts will ensure a completely localised and tailored approach that saves your time and guarantees successful hires.

Personalised recruitment services for stress-free hiring

Take your hiring process to the next level and get tailored recruitment solutions for your unique business needs with Native Recruit.

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What is Native Recruit?

Native Recruit is your dedicated partner for finding the best talent for your job requirements. We handle the most challenging part of the hiring process - manually filtering through numerous resumes, cover letters, and applications to deliver a list of the top-fit candidate profiles and first interview reports, including the candidate’s match for the job, advantages and disadvantages, and more. 

As a global remote team working across a variety of industries, Native Recruit will provide a completely personalised and localised approach to help you navigate through the unique requirements for each job position and the cultural differences of hiring in each country.

Who can benefit from Native Recruit?

Discover how Native Recruit can simplify your hiring process and drive success for businesses of all sizes.

Native Teams

Small businesses and startups

Native Recruit handles the initial filtering process so you can navigate the talent market with experience and grow your team without the burden of countless applications. 

Native Teams

Growing companies

At Native Recruit, we understand the complexities of hiring during the expansion phase and design our solutions to support your growth and adapt to your evolving talent needs.

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Large enterprises

Native Recruit will manage the initial candidate filtering and deliver top-talent matches so your HR teams can focus on strategic initiatives and maintain high productivity.

How does it work?

Native Teams

Create a free trial Native Teams business account.

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Submit a ticket through the Native Teams app, providing all the requirements and information for the job position.

Native Teams

Let us deliver a list of the top-fit candidates and their first interview reports. If we fail to meet your expectations, we’ll refund your money.

Native Teams Native Teams

The advantages of using Native Recruit

Discover the advantages of choosing Native Recruit as your dedicated recruitment partner.

Time optimisation

Save your time by letting us find the best candidates for your team.

Native Teams

Talent filtering

Let us filter through resumes and applications to ensure that you receive the best fitting candidates only.

Native Teams

Detailed reports

Delegate the tedious task of initial screening and get detailed candidate reports, including their match for the role, advantages and disadvantages, and other details.

Native Teams

Custom approach

Benefit from a recruitment process that is fully tailored to your specific job requirements and company culture.

Native Teams

Localised services

With expertise in country-specific hiring practices, Native Recruit will ensure that you comply with local hiring laws and unique cultural norms.

Native Teams

Increased hiring speed

Native Recruit will filter out the perfect candidates for your business to meet your hiring needs without delays.

Native Teams

Industry market knowledge

Take advantage of our remote team’s expertise in various industries to gain access to top talent in your sector.

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